A New Cosmos 



Nibiru - Alpha
A reflection

Stellar orbits



The Star Epos
A tale of our
Solar System



 Demonic influence
The presence of
Cosmic Parasites



  Vox Divina
True communication
with God


 Spiritual Cleansing Removing Demon and Spirit Attachments




The Global Elite
and their Karma



Disavowment of
Deep State Authority



 A new view
on Galaxies



 Gravitation and
the Soul



The Light Wave
and the Electron
























A wider perspective


Initially, I planned on a website exclusively for the Swedish viewers. But things happen, thoughts and ideas emerge and you begin considering reaching a larger audience. Said and done, I would try to express my views in English. This does not come easy to me, though we start to learn the language in early classes, writing down more complicated constructs really are another ballgame altogether. Using Google Translate was never an option, things get distorted to the level of total comedy. The dictionary has been a close friend in this process, though it takes a whole lot of time. As a result of this; not so many articles. Hope you enjoy the few I've managed to put together.


This website is about reaching beyond the common frame of our understanding. Science should not be allowed to play such a major role in our society. There are others, just as importent fields, that have a part in our existence. Science is greatly overestimated; they ask a question, put up an experiment and collect the data. Here's the tricky part; the data they have gathered really need to be interpreted. This is the point where the subjective mind start drawing conclusions, choosing just the "evidence" that fits the preconsceived model. Already when the question was put forth, the scientist were probably bias in how the question was addressed. Gaining knowledge is hard!