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I recently learned that the darkest core of the ‘Deep State’ of this planet are not hidden away in some obscure part of the world. The Headquarter is not in the USA or China, nor in Russia or some central European country. The very base for this murky organization is right where I live – in Stockholm, Sweden!

This is certainly not what we learn in school, or even later for that matter. On the contrary; in this country we flaunt the idea of being a fair, righteous and benevolent people. All we do is for the good of mankind (or so we think). But now the ‘light from reality’ is casting its rays to reveal the true nature of this nation. And so, a shocking and horrifying picture is slowly but surely emerging.

The hard-bitten economic power structure
Running this nation, from way back in time, has been ruthless corporations with maximum profit as only goal. Eccentric houses, like the Wallenberg family, has influenced the development, quite undisturbed. With the invention of telecom equipment and switchboards, the operation rapidly went global. And since they, obviously, had no doubts about constructing convenient ‘backdoors’ in their machinery, they immediately had huge benefits from the information gathered.

Dubious companies and a corrupt state
Swedish companies really are like the tentacles of an octopus. They reach everywhere to settle the basic infrastructure in the countries involved, typically where rich natural resources are found. This is companies like; Ericsson, Telia, ABB, Investor, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Saab, Bofors, Astra Zeneca, SEB and the likes. Then add to this corrupt politics, an administrative bureaucracy, a bribed legislation, a propagandistic education system, a controlled Tv/Media and fraudulent foreign aid.

Meddling in local and foreign politics, creating havoc
These companies and their representatives have, with no remorse whatsoever, instigated division and turbulence around the world. The 1st and 2nd World War was created, as were the Cold war, Communism (and other ism’s), the Russian revolution, UN, the European Union and NATO. Corrupt economic markets were organized, gaining even more profit. Drug trade and human trafficking was established and since the boarder Customs were controlled, it was always ‘business as usual’. What went on in underground tunnels is probably beyond any imaginable nightmare.

My statement
I live in Sweden, but I do not condone this shitty and unethical behavior. I wash my hands clean of this dirt. You might think the billions in money robbed by these criminals would have, in part, permeated down to common people. Not at all; the companies and directors pay ZERO tax. Ordinary citizens on the other hand are imposed with frequent, unfair and intolerably high taxations. Several million people have suffered greatly and paid with their lives enduring this evil system. This needs to stop right now!

Stockholm, Sweden



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