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Ignorance and fear


A small fringe group are currently running Planet Earth, holding themselves to be superior to common man. In order to maintain this social order, they feel the need to permanently keep mankind on an ignorant and fear-based level of existence. This is done mainly through media driven propaganda and planned terror attacks such as war, bombings, shootings, riots, pandemics, environmental disasters, heavy pollution, political unrest, economic crises and the likes, all appearing as naturally occurring events. And the common people are swallowing this bait, believing it to be the inevitable state of events in life, things you just need to endure.

Avoiding bad Karma

The Elite is generally not concerned about having a guilty conscience when throwing horrific events at the population; deceiving, harming and killing people in large numbers. People are considered insignificant and dispensable serves to them, having no special value, other than being workers. The Elite do however have concern about the effects of the Law of Karma, being an underlying force of The Universe. They dread somewhat that deliberately putting others in harm’s way may cause bad luck on their own part. Hence, they have come up with the brilliant idea of giving ‘covert clues’ about atrocities coming mankind’s way. The ‘wise’ among men will then be able to predict the schemes and get out of trouble. And as a result, The Elite will also avoid the influence of bad Karma. Voilà!

Nice plan, erroneous thinking

I’m sorry to repudiate your ‘Grand Plan’ but this is simply not how The Law of Karma works. Karma is a mirror; it reflects very accurately what has been given out. So, if you carry out a hostile action of some kind, giving vague and inconceivable hints of its timing and whereabouts; that is exactly what eventually will come back to you. In hours, days, weeks, months, years or in another incarnation; similar plots will be done against you. And of course, since you then will not have the proper means or knowledge to prevent the deed, you will get afflicted by it, time and time again. You will curse your persistent bad luck but will take it to be the inevitable state of events in life. Sound familiar?

Eradication of Karma

Is it then possible to halt the ramifications of Karma? Of course, Karma is simply a balancing energy in life, it doesn’t ‘hold a grudge’ to anyone. But if you keep inflicting harm, harm will surely come back to you. When you stop doing this, Karma will also cease. The secret in halting Karma is therefor to become aware of the cycle. The Elite doesn’t necessarily have to become angels, which will be hard for them, they will just have to stop committing treacherous deeds. Should they still choose to, in some way, ‘compensate’ for bad actions already taken, this will then benefit them as good Karma.

Collective Karma

Why is mankind persistently afflicted by nations and worlds overturning, crushing down to rubble? This is an example of longer Karmic cycles. Civilizations are expected to stay within the perimeters of the laws of nature. As a civilization, you are not to transgress basic ‘hoar-stones’. As an example; you are not allowed to manipulate weather, wind, water and soil. You are not supposed to alter species, turning them to something wicked. Also, you are not encouraged to build invasive cities, monuments and tunnels, acting destructive to Mother Earth. But this is what mankind repeatedly have done. And thus, long unfortunate Karmic cycles have been the outcome. This also can change; if mankind learns to live in harmony with nature, nature will not feel the need to strike back. This is common sense.




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