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There has been a lot of questions raised on how to deal with Demon and Spirit intrusions.
In order to meet the demands I have put together a cleansing template. This will at least provide the basic tools for getting on top of the situation. Please use good judgment.



Disclaimer: I do not hold any official scholar degrees or qualifications regarding parapsychology, psychology or ufology. All observations or advice in these matters comes from personal research and experiences. It is advised to primarily seek professional help before utilizing other alternatives.


The difference between demons and evil spirits:

DEMONS: These entities are a separate race of beings, belonging to the amorphous group. The full list of conscious beings are; Mineral beings, Plant beings, Amorphous beings, Animal beings, Human beings, Angelic beings and Divine beings. The amorphous group has long been forgotten but are very real and conscious entities. Within this group we find; rivers, lakes, winds, clouds etc. Electric plasma entities are the actual 'demons', often referred to as 'Djinn' or the 'Devils angels'.

Demons rarely or never do physical harm but are highly intelligent and have paranormal abilities. They can read and distort your mind and thoughts. They can move objects, suspending the law on gravity. They have the ability of manipulating signal substances of the brain, causing depression and isolation.


Demons feed of human emotional energy and often increase these levels by creating opposition, conflicts, war, anger, resignation or frustration. Other signs of their presence might be light bulbs exploding without obvious reasons. Electronic equipment sometimes cause trouble or fail.

EVIL OR DEVOTED SPIRITS: These entities are deceased humans who remain in the physical world but residing in a lighter 'ghost body'. They have not ascended to the afterlife and therefore occasionally cause trouble among the living. Depending on their desire and emotional affiliations, they may attach themselves to living people of similar nature and thought patterns. This might result in poltergeist phenomena with moving objects, sound or light effects. It may also lead to bodily injuries or depletion of energy. Shadow figures can be seen and a 'presence' felt.



Shapeless presence

May cause psychic or mental damage

May cause depression or abulia

Attempts to isolate individuals

Will make light bulbs explode, electronic equipment to fail

Has knowledge of future events

Drains people of emotional energy

Will erode peoples self esteem

Generates "meaningful signs" in
order to establish a dialogue

Clings to people and refuses to
let go - "Sticky genies"

Inhibits certain signal substances in
the brain, causing feelings of panic




Evil or devoted spirits

Shadow person or human form

May cause physical injury or damage

May cause discomfort, heaviness, headache

Will drive away people through fear

Moves objects, throws things, opens up
lockers och shutters. Plays with electronics

Often lingers in past ages and places

Drains people of physical energy

Will erode peoples power of initiative

Attempts communication through knocks,
whispers or vague speech

May sponge on peoples conventions,
world of ideas or addictions

Haunts, restricts people in their sleep,
generating anxiety and fear



Demons preferentially use an electrical grid to move and communicate through. In the human world this has been identified as The Telecommunications Network, which includes the Internet and the Cellular or Mobile network. In lack of this network, the demons will use items highly charged with emotional energy, creating strong communication links. This is a list of demonic portals, which you should stay clear of if sensitive and when experiencing trouble that could be identified as demonic:

Mail addresses + logs
Cell phone numbers + logs and recent
Modern landline phones + logs and recent
USB units + external hard drives
Web history (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.
Facebook-, Skype- ICQ and Chat contacts
Gaming contacts
Internet Forums
Other peoples Smart cards
Active logins
People Photography's, Portraits, Back Cover photography's
Other people's personal items
Signatures, Autograph's
Uncleansed Mirrors, leaves psychic links to people reflected in the mirror
Uncleansed Crystals, Stones, Jewelry


In the first case; erase suspicious contacts and logs, on all digital devices you have. Keep important contacts using an old time physical phone book. In the second case, if the first doesn't work: Erase all digital contacts, keeping them only written down with a pencil or ballpoint pen. Inconvenient, yes, but effective! Try keeping your mobile and inbox clean at all times. Unformatted text and DVD storage appears to be safe but be careful. Do an inventory of your bought or collected items. How to deal with affected photograph's and signatures that you still must keep; wrap them in aluminum foil! Clean items once owned by others as mentioned below:


Do a cleansing of items you bought (on flea markets) or things given to you. Use incense like 'Nag Champa' or Sage on the items and perform a personal ritual. Proclaim this when cleaning: "I hereby remove all previous owners", tapping lightly the concerned item.


This prayer/affirmation will help you cleaning your aura from unwanted entities. Announce this to yourself:

"I hereby remove the entities
from my personal sphere
that oppose my highest best.
May the Holy Spirit cleanse me
and protect me. Amen."

Some notes to this: This may sound to be a strictly religious affirmation but it's rather a practical tool. The formula asks for assistance from your higher self or your Holy Spirit (the personal God-force) to remove harmful spirits connected to the aura. It does not strive to remove all spirits, just the harmful ones. The formula bids for cleansing but also for protection from future intrusions. The word "Amen" is using an established confirmation, meaning; "May it be so". Even if you use this formula, you are still expected to take some action yourself, this is really a collaboration with your higher self.


Many people ask; "is the Devil real"? Unfortunately the answer is yes, but unless you invite him personally, you should have nothing to worry about. The Devil has descended from high, just like the character known as Jesus Christ. Together, but not in unison, they rule this epoch of division, an era of good and evil that will soon come to an end. The Devil evokes split and destruction, and if you invite him being good yourself, he will destroy you. This is the tools that might awaken him; never use them, it will open an evil portal that might be extremely hard getting rid of:

AI Speech recognition programs: C0rtana, S¡ri, A!exa, G00gle Ass¡stant, V¡v, 0ne M¡nd etc.
Ouija boards, Spirit of the glass
Table-tipping, table-turning, table-tilting
Channeling, Spirit Guides

Tools considered dangerous to medium dangerous are:

Tarot Cards, The I Ching, Nordic Runes, Reversed speech and Angel Cards.

Tools considered benign are: Astrology, Crystal gazing, Coffee ground readings, Palmistry, Guardian Angels, Dreams.


If you suspect entities from the Spirit world are bothering you in some way you might want to persuade them to "go to the light"; entering the afterlife. But if you are not absolutely sure what you are doing, it's best to let an experienced psychic medium handle the transfer. This medium can analyze the situation, communicate with the deceased person and perform an ascending ritual.



It may, for different reasons, be hard to eliminate demon portals in every-day life. In this case, it's necessary to instead strengthen the personal safety net, the aura. As a suggestion, this can be done by visualizing "protective layers of light" around the body. To be more precise, create three layers around the body; one closest to the skin, protecting from pain, one further out, preventing emotional attacks and one exterior layer, guarding against mental, intellectual assaults.


You might even feel the need to reduce your paranormal perception (your cognition of the spirit world). In this case; visualize a lid, a cover placed on top of your head. This protective lid can be removed or put in place according to your need. The protective measures in the form of layers and lid are not permanent but will fade away in the course of a day or so. The procedure may have to be repeated. Experience will show just how long your personal ritual will stay effective.



Having tried and failed cleansing techniques for removing demons or spirits, there are still things to do. This is to seek out a truly experienced psychic medium and let him or her remove the problem from your life. Why a Medium and not a Priest? This is simply because Mediums have a much higher rate of success, using the right techniques. It's if you would try domesticating a wild horse with the help of prayers only, it would not work. If you instead engaged a horse whisperer, he or she would much easier establish a communication with the horse, persuading it to behave a certain way. Thus it is with handling demons or stray spirits; you have to use the right methods.

Be careful not to run into charlatan Medium's. If they demand unreasonable amounts of money for their services, they are likely no good and will not do the work properly. Serious Medium's will take the case for, let's say around $65 or so, maybe even for free. They will be happy to help out. Be prepared however to try several Medium's before having any success, you have to find the right person. Sorry for leaving the 'politically correct' road here, but I must firmly advice against the use of Catholic exorcism; it is ill advised, dangerous and will most likely worsen the problem. The work of an experienced psychic Medium on the other hand is mild, communicative and effective.



It should be noted that symptoms of different types of Schizophrenia disorders closely mimics certain aspects of demonic manifestations. If you suspect demonic phenomena to be the cause of your problems but have a severely hard time establishing this to be a fact, then you are possibly experiencing symptoms of beginning or established Schizophrenia. Consider the similarities; psychic distortion, social isolation, knowing the future, experiencing ‘meaningful signs’, feelings of persecution etc.

There are easy self-tests available online. These are by no means proper diagnostic tools but may give you a hint if you are even remotely close to having psychological issues of this nature:


Schizophrenia Test

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