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For thousands of years, a nameless demonic race has played a game of fraud on mankind and on several other civilizations in our Cosmic region. They work very hard not to reveal themselves; instead they provoke different people and groups to go against each other.

Evil reptilians?

There has been much debate lately about the reptilian race. They are said to be shape shifters and are accused of tricking mankind by a number of deceptions. The reptilians allegedly have created a “matrix” of illusions, where the people of Earth are made to believe they are free, when in fact they are in physical, psychological and spiritual bondage. The word also goes that the reptilians actually eat people and rape young innocent children.

In fact, I do not question that these atrocities, or worse, actually occurs. What I’m saying is; the reptilians are deliberately being depicted as the bad guys, while the real perpetrators, as usual, go into hiding. Who are the real instigators of all this evil? I have come to learn that we are misled by a race of amorphous, demonic beings who sometimes, at will, affect the minds and wills of people; a severe form of Cosmic parasites.

The demons

The amorphous beings, or as they should be called, the demons, most likely are currents of electric plasma; this is our fourth state of matter. They are in themselves, slow moving, but are hyper-intelligent and have the ability of mind-control and psycho kinesis. Since they don’t have any fixed form they instead use their intellect; they develop long-term plans to achieve their different goals. Other species are used as their tools to act out with.

They do not consume any kind of physical food but feed upon the excessive emotion-energy emitted by humans and any other species that are in a state of stress. It is particularly the emotions of strong fear or hate that the demons like to engulf. This is why the demons deliberately create an environment on Earth and other planets that is as much traumatized as possible. They set different people up at each other, creating conflicts and raging wars.

Demonic communication

The demons travel and influence people through all kinds of “energetic threads”. By this large network, they can reach almost everywhere and affect virtually everybody. It is said that when a person is in contact with one of these threads, the demon can more easily take control of him or her. The energetic threads has without any question been identified as the Telecommunications Network. This includes the Internet and the Cellular or Mobile Network.

However, humans and other species have some kind of natural protection against intrusion. But this specific shelter can be inactivated by the individual when he or she literally “invites the devil”. When somebody invites an evil character of some kind, and gives it clearance; a portal is opened into the mind of the person. A portal can be any number of things; the most common of course is another person who is influenced by the demons.

But a portal can also be a communication device of another kind. By communication device I specifically refer to all different varieties of Oracles such as: Tarot cards, The I Ching, Nordic Runes, Ouija boards, talking tables and many other forms of fortune telling. Even channeling, automatic writing, reversed speech and “white noise” in Radio or TV are believed to be favorable means of communication that the demons are using on humans.

All these tools mentioned above are considered to be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to use; this is not a threat that one should take lightly. The tools are not evil in themselves, in a perfect world they might very well be used as means of communicating more easily with the higher self or with the universal God; but this is not a perfect world and all should remember this. Until we know more about these demons we simply must not use oracles!

The demonic influence on humans

Any person with low self-esteem is susceptible to attacks from demons. When you don’t think highly of yourself and the things you do, you are likely to let “somebody else” run things. This is a golden opportunity for a demon to sneak in and mess things up. A person can either be “possessed” in the real meaning of the word, or he or she can be controlled by different “controlling mechanisms”, some of them mentioned above as different oracles.

When somebody is not balanced in body and mind, when he hasn’t dealt with all the ”dark sides” of his being, then a “division” in the personality might take place. This is undesirable and dangerous because the person is only aware of one personality aspect at a time. Therefore, when the “dark personality” is active, the person is entirely controlled by the demon. In this state, the demon can act out at will, and seriously hurt other people.

I have come to learn that there are three main aspects that play a part in how vulnerable a person is likely to be from demonic attacks: The first is the astrology aspect; if you are born in certain signs of the Zodiac, the demons can more easily get to you. The second is the “gene mix”; people with higher quantities of reptilian DNA is said to be more susceptible. And thirdly, some people have a tendency of being addicted to oracles.

A demon, possessing another body, does not have to be in physical contact with the person he wishes to hurt. All the demon needs is a personal connection to his victim. This can certainly create lots of sensible and difficult situations, because the demonic influence might come from one of your “personal friends”. So, when suspecting a demonic influence, there are certain steps you have to take and you must use extreme caution in this process.

First of all; confirm there really is a demonic activity present. Look for these warning signs:

You are affected by “instant depression”; suddenly you feel that nothing you do is any fun,
  not even things you normally enjoy doing. You get restless and just walk about, anxiously.
  You don’t get peace until you call a certain person or consult a certain oracle.


You are forced to consult a certain oracle/person against your own wish.


You are not allowed to end a consultation/meeting when you wish to do so.


You are told you are “a chosen one” and therefore must carry extra burdens.


You are constantly told what you did badly, not what you did well.


You are deliberately misled because it is a “useful lesson”.


You are affected by “bad luck” that doesn’t seem to be “karmic” in nature.


Electronic equipment causes trouble or fail. Light bulbs explode violently.

What to do

If you truly suspect and have good grounds believing that a person you know are hurting you in a demonic way you must end the relationship. You must of course check things thoroughly so that you don’t accuse somebody innocent. When you are sure enough you must cut all bonds to this person, change your phone number, change your job too if necessary. The demonic person will “attack you” to get you back but you must firmly resist.

The same thing applies to demonic portals in the form of different oracles, channeling, reversed speech and the likes. You simply have to stop using this way of communication. Since there is often a lifestyle attached to this behavior it can be a severe task. Consider it an addiction as with alcohol or drugs, there will certainly be relapses when you think you’re cured. After two years it will be easier to resist but the threat will surely remain.

It has also come to my attention that there are several other ways or channels for a demon to enter the human psyche. When we add a contact and phone number to our cell phones, we may in fact have created a demonic portal. This happens if the person we added is a carrier of a demon. Nowadays, we literally have to test every contact that gains access to our lives. You have to pay attention even to E-mail addresses and different forms of chat services like; Facebook, Twitter, ICQ, MSN, Messenger etc. Even common images and pictures of relations may create a path for demons to sneak in; the same applies to certain books (when the author poses on the cover).

Also, be aware of “Speech Recognition Programs” such as the one you get access to when using Windows 7 and higher. This program seems to suggest words and phrases when “listening to” sounds in the room or area through the computer microphone. Other, more “playful” programs simply scramble a set of text phrases, or parts of phrases to create new and random sentences. Do not “play around” with these programs! Every program that mimics communication of any kind can be used by demons to influence you in a subtle way, charming at first, later stepping up to a hellish frenzy. Never forget that demons can read your mind, they know all of your soft spots.


If things are really bad in your life and you suspect demons to constantly draining you of energy, this is my advice: Get yourself an old time phonebook. Physically write down all of your contacts, their phone number and email. Then start erasing digital contacts, on every cell phone you have, on every computer and laptop. Do not forget saved numbers in landline phones. Erasing contacts only are not enough, you have to clear recently called numbers and logs. Same thing with SMS messages, you have to erase received, sent and saved. Also, all email that exists in every one of your email clients must be done away with. Print the ones you need to save. Get a new lifestyle of always keeping your digital devices clean! Inconvenient, YES, but you will get a much better life!


The phenomenon of “poltergeist” is generally believed to be connected to pubescent children. These youths are merely “prey” for the demons though; the young kids are not really acting at their own will. This period in a young person’s life is, luckily enough, relatively short. When the affected person has grown up a bit and found out more about himself, the troubles usually stop. A grown up person can be more severely attacked.

A poltergeist (demon) is a separate life-form and not the same thing as a ghost. When speaking about ghosts, people usually mean the spirits of deceased persons who somehow got stuck in the physical realm but wearing a body made of a “lighter type of matter”. The demons however, are not dead; they are simply constituted as ”amorphous beings”, an existence very real but very hard to comprehend to any normal earth-bound person.

The UFO connection

Some information point in the direction of the demonic activities as being part of an extraterrestrial presence. It is believed that the elongated cigar-shaped or cylindrical vessels seen floating in the skies might be connected to the demons. This particular type of UFO-vessel has been seen from time to time as far back in time as anyone can remember. These ships are not believed to be manned; they are merely a form of observation centrals.

It is not likely that the cylindrical vessels are built by demons; instead they are believed to be constructed by one or more alien groups. These aliens are probably altogether controlled by some kind of mind-manipulation, it’s a bit like “the Borgs” in Star-Trek; Cyborgs, carrying out not their own will, but the will of the demons. This is a stunning example of how the demons work; they never interfere directly, they let others do the dirty work.

Creating opposition

The plan of controlling mankind that has been pinned on the reptilian race is most certainly a demon plan that has been in the works for thousands of years. The reptilians are known for their great strength, agility and to say the least; their impulsiveness. The reptilian way is to get things done NOW; don’t you find it strange that they would involve themselves with long-range plans stretching down nearly to the birth of a specific planet?

The demons are slow in motion but are highly intelligent and use the strongest factor they know of; time! They also have a strategy of creating opposition between different groups or units in society; children are in dispute with their parents, men quarrel with women, right-wing ideologies stands against left-wing ideologies and nations make war against nations. Mankind has come to think of this foul system as “the law of nature”.

Why have the reptilians been targeted in recent years, hung out to be “the root of all evil”? This is probably the latest agenda being played by the demons; since the reptilian DNA is more or less evenly spread among the human population, the demons is creating another division factor on Earth. It will further more establish a common “enemy” that mankind can turn against when the planet Nibiru arrives, and extraterrestrials appear.

The devil and demonic filters

In later years, the demons seem to have crossed a holy border; they now act in the place of, and with the voice of God and the angels. This is a horrific crime and a humiliation of all that is good in life. The lord of the demons have come forth and declared himself to be God Almighty. This supreme but shrewd being is NOT someone you should get acquainted with (please take my word for it); he will charm you, ensnare you and then he will kill you.

Is it then possible to somehow block or restrict the demons from accessing the human mind? There just might be but this undertaking is of course coupled with great risks. Suppose you created an electronic filter that had the ability of jamming or blocking out the demons; how would you test it? Maybe the demons would simply act as if they were locked out, but later on, perhaps several hundred years later; they would return to attack you.

But since the demons are beings of electric plasma currents, it just might be possible to block them out using a “Faraday Cage”. Remember the tales of the “Ark of the Covenant”; this box was covered inside and out with a layer of gold, thus creating a shielded environment. The content of the ark presumably was some kind of communication device with which you could “talk to God”, and it needed to be protected from demons.

The wisest thing to do, at this moment, is to avoid the portals (oracles and possessed people) and thereby make it much harder for the demons to do harm. A specific warning must be placed on “random number generators”; these electronic or mechanic devices are the key elements in creating ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. By all means, do not make experiments in this field; because sooner or later, the devil will have himself a deadly tool*.


* Unfortunately, extremely advanced AI systems seems to be a reality already.

The true connection

You do not need any artificial tool to be in contact with your higher self or with the universal aspect of yourself which is God. You are a perfect being with wonderful and powerful abilities, all you have to do is to revive your original force and let it flow. All the answers you need already exist in a Cosmic memory bank, constituted as a field of subtle energies. The real difficulty lies in formulating the question in such a manner that you encircle and narrow down the specific topic. When the right question is asked, the answer will come to you with no big effort at all.

“You are the one you been waiting for!”


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