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This publication is a systematic road-map that a conscious seeker may utilize in approaching God. It is advised to walk through and master the eleven levels in the correct order. Only when the seeker understands and is comfortable with the terms in each level is it time to move on to the next. The levels are named after the Greek letters Alpha to Lambda. Is it me, the author, who took the initiative for this publication? That is not my feeling. My experience is that a higher power has used me as a tool with the intention of conveying a message.

α. The approach

What is God? Can we speak to God? How does the voice of God appear? The predominant religions are somewhat ambivalent or evasive on these questions. Someone calls out, but does God reply? God is expected to be out there, above or ‘beyond’. We stand by and watch, seemingly independent and isolated. But God was always in the background, hidden by the noise of men’s endless pursuits.

The majority of mankind today leads a materialistic, virtually atheistic life. Some are hesitant and have a rather skeptical view of a deity. When danger is upon them, they might consider invoking God in some way or form. Some may throw out a prayer ‘just in case’, but who they pray to and how this force is composed, they cannot fathom. Few have a "childhood faith," a devout trust in a higher soul.

Is the all-powerful God aware of its own existence? Undoubtedly so; the very room "in which we live, breathe, and dwell" relates to humans and other beings. There is a presence and a sensation, making us aware of a consciousness. This existence grants veneration, awe, and blissful ecstasy. Still, it is not necessarily a matter of course that we ponder ourselves as integrated into this external sphere.

β. The three facets of God

The most tangible aspect of God is in a human being. Man is then the mediator of a higher truth. Man himself has limited experience and knowledge, but as a vessel, a‘mouthpiece’, he can still act as a messenger. Of course, God may also appear as an object, a plant, a spirit, an animal, or an angel. In fact, God is not limited in his manifestation. God takes on the shape that best serves the situation.

The term "Holy Spirit" is often misinterpreted, but is nothing other than the "Higher Self" of man. In other words, there is an "independent unity" with an independent soul, sharing the life-path of man. The Higher Self approaches life from a different perspective, though, watching the entire life-path in a simultaneous manner. The Holy Spirit, our "personal God", may reward us but can also correct us.

The highest manifestation of God is the conscious Universe, the living but altogether impersonal keeper of all. Thus, the highest God holds no ‘opinion’ on anything but lives to be of service to his souls; "the one truly in power must serve." There are, however, different levels of this highest God; God of Objects, of Plants, of Spirits, of Animals, of Men, of Angels, and finally, God of lofty Devas.

γ. The three Soul aspects of man

As with all beings, man has an eternal, unquenchable soul. This soul is not conditioned by the physical body, nor is it dependent on ethereal or psychic bodies. The soul is rightly transcendent and beyond the material world. The soul can be perceived as a microscopic ‘black hole’ and is the true essence of ‘the beholder’, the one who ‘observes’. The soul reads and interprets bodily sensations.

The Holy Spirit has, as we mentioned, an independent soul that shares the human life-path. But if man sees life as a "movie," the Holy Spirit perceives life as a simultaneous image. This is not easy to visualize, but a corresponding parable is what resembles a "panoramic view". Everything in life is present, but there is no real conception of time. The Holy Spirit lives, so to say, in a timeless space.

The soul of the Most High God is also the soul of man. However, the individual does not experience this other than periodically, when it leaves the earthly realm to experience higher spheres. Effectively, man has to lay aside not only the physical body but also the ethereal bodies. And as an equivalent to this, even the psychic (mind) bodies. Then, the ‘naked soul’ is ready to assume the likeness of God.

δ. The Soul Core and the Soul Aura

The soul is not part of the body. You could rather say that the soul uses the body as a tool to acquire sensations. The Soul Core, the microscopic black hole, needs to "attach" to the body in order to use it. The point of connection lies in the Epiphysis, the pineal gland. But the connection point is still not the ‘abode’ of the soul. As soon as the Soul Core ‘touches down’, it descends towards the Solar Plexus!

That which makes the Soul Core descend to the body center is its ‘active perception’, which is a kind of emission of longitudinal waves; conscious intuitive energy. This energy, also called Prana, Chi, and Qi, emanates from the black hole and creates a "bubble" around the entire body. It is the attempt of this "Soul Aura" to embrace the entire body that has the Soul Core sliding down to the Solar Plexus.

The Universe itself is a living entity with a unique soul. The Soul Core of the Universe is the Soul Core of all living beings, and the Universal Soul Aura is the sum of all individual Soul Auras. The Soul Aura of all beings is the active principle, "scanning" physical and psychic bodies of different natures. The ‘echo’ of the emission is captured and processed by the passive Soul Core, and an evaluation is made.

ε. The Self, the Conscience and God

That which we generally regard as' the Self 'is our endless ‘talking mind’, the voice inside. Typically, we identify this voice as our own identity. The Self is the "active principle" in the emitting of ethereal longitudinal waves from the Soul Core, the microscopic black hole. This emanation can be seen as the active contemplation of the mind. The Self "highlights" whatever it wishes to view and comprehend.

Our mind also has an "autopilot," sustaining the vital life functions of the body. This may pertain to breathing, balance, hearing, touch, sight, and subjective memories from the life-path. As opposed to the Self, the autopilot, or the "Conscience," has very limited language skills. The Conscience speaks through "imagery." The dream world of symbolism is actually the Conscience, sending us a message.

If the Self is the active principle, then the Conscious is the passive principle, that which receives and interprets the impressions reflected from our sensory bodies. It is of the utmost importance, though, that the Self restrains from playing a dominating role. The Self and the Conscience should function in tandem, with equal strength and direction. Then the Holy Spirit may be present and active in man.


ζ. Exploring the Shadow Self

Man has a hidden side of the mind that is effectively identical with the Conscience. Within this field of awareness, ‘forbidden thoughts and deeds’ dwell that are not considered socially viable. Thoughts may be so carefully tucked away that men are unaware of their existence. This situation is unwanted and risky because hidden desires and wishes linger on and may actually obstruct an expanding mind.

The Conscience, (the subconscious) generally tries to unveil conflicts within a person by presenting them in dreams. In the deep symbolism of our dreams, our occlusions surface, all in order to prevent ill health. If the dream procedure is insufficient, various other methods may be used to expose what is concealed. These may include yoga, meditation, affirmations, body analysis, as well as hypnosis.

What a man should seek in order to harmonize with his higher Self is an authentic personality. What this represents is an individual that fully embraces his ‘true nature’ and, with no effort, may open up to impressions from the conscious universe. In this state, there are no "hidden fears" that might hold back or accidentally block the communication. The Authentic Self is strong, content and harmonious.

η. The art of Mastering the Self

A common problem, particularly in western societies, is an overactive Self. Another way of putting it is to say that a person’s ego is too dominant. This will inevitably result in people focusing on their own private wealth, honor, and material prosperity. But for man to succeed in contacting the Higher Self at all, the Lower Self will have to ‘ease up’ greatly. This might be hard for stressed individuals.

An overactive ego implies, per definition, an inhibited Conscience, just like a pendulum swinging in different directions. Thus, in order to quell the ego, the Conscience must be empowered. This is done through holistic exercises like yoga, chi gong, Tai Chi, and "Retreats". When the lower Self is halted from constant talking and thinking, it resigns. In this training, the brain’s hemispheres will balance.

The Higher Self is eager to take part in the life-path of man. But the constant "babbling" of the Lower Self will efficiently disrupt working communication between the conscious units. Only when the two hemispheres of the brain are equal and the lower Self is calm, then the Holy Spirit will be present and active in man’s life. This is the secret of making the "soft whisper" of the Higher Self fully discernible.

θ. Keeping on the path of life

It is not easy for man to grasp the benefits of "right livelihood". Man seldom sees further than the span of his current lifetime. Why waste time on ethics and morality? But for man’s own sake, a bit of thoughtfulness is better in the long run. That applies not least to the law of Karma, which 'reflects’ all the deeds manifested by man. What he sows, he also reaps; what he emits will soon return to him.

The Conscience is just what the name implies, a "parallel mind." But unlike the Self, which acts just for its own gain, the Conscience is careful to act for justice and truth. The Conscience does not utter words but shows objection through a discontented facial expression or an "anxious feeling" in the stomach. The Conscience does not act for the best of the individual but for the good of all involved.

The Higher Self does not only contemplate the current life-path of man, but a long line of different lifetimes. From this perspective, the Higher Self can easily determine what is best for the individual, not only in the short term but also over a long time span. The Higher Self has the authority to firmly intervene if the Lower Self deviates from the path. Thus, there is a general road for man to follow.


ι. Signs, Symbolism, and Visions

In the conscious universe, chance does not exist; synchronicity prevails. By this, God can speak, not only through other people but also through symbolism in art, in books, and, above all, in nature. To be presented with a symbol or sign in daily life will be an exact indication of what man needs to pay attention to. There is no real difference between the outer and the inner; all are part of a wholeness.

Symbolism in dreams is really how the Conscience communicates the wisdom of God. The dreams presented in this way have greater weight and more clarity than ordinary dreams. The message is often shown in different ways, but the meaning is the same. This is how the Conscience helps in the interpretation, which is necessary. The same dream recurring just shows the importance it holds.

For the Higher Self, no limitations exist in time and space. Anything can be manifested if it is in the human interest or benefit of knowing about it. The Higher Self sometimes presents visions, you could say prophecies, concerning the future. The realization of these visions may stretch tens of years into the future. The purpose of this is to have the lower Self get mentally ready for upcoming hardships.

κ. God within Man

A common perception man has of himself is that he is "limited to time and space". This worldly view comes from an identification with the Self and its limitations. When the Self then tries to get closer to God, it will perceive a conception of what God is but have no immediate and living experience of the divine. An identification with the Lower Self could thus be seen as a religious approach to the eternal.

When the Self has stepped back a bit and the Conscience is enhanced, then a radically new force will manifest. At times, man will now experience the Higher Self ‘taking command’; carefully handling the human vessel. This is a voluntary, hardly noticeable "possession." A man might be talking randomly about a subject, but all of a sudden, deep and profound phrases arise that overwhelm the listener.

During contemplation and deep moments of clarity, man can spontaneously develop contact with the conscious Universe or Cosmos. This is usually referred to as "Cosmic Awareness." The experience is not really describable in words, but people have, in hindsight, called it a "state of oneness." Some meditative techniques, vital moments, and psychedelic substances may occasionally invoke this state.

λ. Vox Divina – The Voice of God

The Higher Self can talk to the Lower Self. This is done through the voice of the Lower Self and takes place with the Higher Self's speaking audible or "speaking in the mind". There is an obvious risk that the lower Self dismisses this impulse as a pure ‘personal output’. But the voice of the Higher Self is never loud or intrusive. God’s voice in man is a mere whisper. The subtle word must be listened to.

The Higher Self can also communicate through the voice of the Conscience. But this is a silent and wordless expression, showing a genuine and distinct "inner feeling." The wise know what is right in a certain situation without a word being spoken. This certainty can be described as a "gut feeling" or as wisdom of the heart. If you don’t know which path to take, listen to your heart before your intellect.

It lies within the power of the Higher Self to communicate through ‘God Most High’, which is the God of the Universe. At these times, miracles can happen; immense obstacles can be removed, insoluble riddles deciphered. Appearances may manifest beyond man’s comprehension. The parting of the sea in the time of Moses is a breathtaking example. Awe-inspiring is the manifestation of God Most High.

~ JRSN ~


Short glossary


The Authentic Self         

The Higher Self



The individual Self

The Dream World

Ethereal bodies

God Most High

Holy Spirit

The Law of Karma


Cosmic awareness


The Life-path



Psychic bodies

Right Livelihood

The Conscience


True nature

Sensory bodies

The soul


The Soul Aura

The Soul Core

The Shadow Self


Timeless dimension

The Universe



An authentic individual is somebody displaying their "true nature." In this, there are no hidden motives and no false facades. The individual is true and righteous.

The Higher Self is an independent soul, experiencing a timeless dimension. The Higher Self shares the life-path of the Lower Self but visualizes this path "simultaneously," all at once. Just like the Lower Self, the Higher Self contains a verbal and a non-verbal classification of the soul, respectively.

Identical with the Lower Self, the Personal Self, or the Ego. This part of the human mind has a distinctively verbal impression. Everything is described in terms of words, and what the words cannot articulate or create an understanding of is generally deemed non-existing.

The Dream World is also called the "World of Thoughts" or the "Psychedelic" world. This is a dimension created by the conceptions of an individual. This inner sphere can be individual or collective. The Dream World is real, but is a gathering point of subjective experiences. The laws of nature, in this realm, deviate substantially from those in the ‘awake’ world.

Man is not solely a physical body; he also consists of bodies made out of other matter or energy. Man is considered to have six bodies of lighter matter and a seventh body that is altogether spiritual. See also: "Sensory bodies".

The highest God, in all categories, is the essence of the accumulated mass of the Universe. This body is considered to be endless in time and space. As with man, God Most High consists of physical, ethereal, as well as psychic matter. God Most High also has a seventh, all spiritual manifestation.

The concept of "Holy Spirit" is a denomination of man’s Higher Self. What characterizes the Higher Self is a completely independent soul that still shares the life-path of man; the events constituting man’s life, from birth to death. The Higher Self experiences the life-path simultaneously, though, all at once. The Higher Self is man's' Helper ’, attending to all stages of life and showing man the right path at the end of life.

The Law of Karma is intimately connected to the concept of "universal development". All souls in the Cosmos arise from the small entities up to the larger and back to the small again in a perpetual cycle. The Universe rewards spiritual growth. Stagnation, or the inability to see alternative roads, leads to unfavorable cycles constantly returning. Karma may have a negative impact, but also a positive one. What we give comes back to us; what we sow, we also reap.

An experience of being "One with All", one with God Most High. This kind of sensation may occur spontaneously, under contemplation, but also under the influence of psychedelic substances. At the end of the being's life-path, including the spiritual existence after death, the being will be assimilated and embraced in the manifestation of God Most High. Then the cycle is renewed and the single soul emerges again. Reincarnation is the engine of individual development. Man repeatedly changes the perspective between the single soul and God Most High.

The life-path is the ‘deterministic’, the predestined fate* that every being has to manifest during its total lifespan, in a physical and spiritual environment. The lifespan is a collection of shapeless, objective ‘archetypes’ that accordingly create the course of events the being experiences in its life. There is also a subjective life-path that more describes the being’s personal participation in the past and the nascent. The Helper, the Higher Self, shares the being’s life-path. To be given a preview of the life-path is a unique gift.

* In effect, the being has a "perfect illusion" of free will.

Just as the being has a number of "sensory bodies" or ethereal bodies of different material constitutions, the being also has corresponding bodies in a psychic or thought-wise shape. The psychic bodies are subject to completely different laws of nature than the material/ethereal bodies.

The concept of "right livelihood" could be seen as equal to the expression "Te" in the canonical "Tao Te Ching". Te conveys the "virtue" which man is supposed to live by. Even this is intimately associated with the cosmic development of the soul and thereby with the manifestations of Karma.

The Conscience is the non-verbal part of our mind. The Conscience makes all decisions pertaining to automatic processes in the body. In general, all communication by the Conscience takes place through images and symbolism. The Conscience is incapable of lying and maintains the ethical compass of man. This receiving part of the soul, handling the Conscience, could also be referred to as the "Soul of Thoughts".

To express your ‘true nature’ is to live in full accordance with the one you truly are in soul and heart. You hide nothing from yourself, and so you are able to fully manifest your potential. See also: "The Authentic Self."

Sensory bodies, or ‘ethereal bodies', are the material bodies we possess in addition to our physical bodies. The sensory bodies each correspond to its specific matter or energy form and also correspond to the ‘Chakras’ of the body. The components are: protons/neutrons/electrons, neutrinos, electromagnetic fields, vacuum units, photons, and gravitational waves. The seventh sensory body exists but lies beyond the material field.

The soul is pure consciousness, an indestructible entity. The soul is beyond creation and destruction. The soul has a fundamental attribute: reflection. The soul is: "The one observing." Even though the soul is one and undivided, it still has two aspects; The Sensory Soul and the Soul of Thoughts. The Sensory Soul emits Universal Life Energy, while the Soul of Thoughts receives it.

The bubble or sphere created when the Soul Core sends out conscious and intuitive life energy. The energy interferes with incoming waves of life energy from the Universe. At a certain distance from the Soul Core, the waves can no longer be detected. This is the ‘edge of the bubble’ and the limit of the Soul Aura’s expansion.

This is the entity of the Soul of Thoughts, the microscopic black hole inside man. The Soul Core receives (swallows) reflected energies from sensory bodies but also from the Universe at large. As a being slowly develops, even the Soul of Thoughts expands and grows larger. See also: "The Soul."

The Shadow Self is an oblivious part of our mind, concealing thoughts and feelings that our every day awareness is unwilling or unprepared to reconcile. The Conscience is, however, fully aware of all these hidden aspects and gently tries to bring them forth to our conscious mind, often through dreams. An individual should, if possible, seek to bring these sides out into the open in order to remain in good health.

The capacity of the universe to convey meaningful messages, symbols, and signs. This is an expression of auspicious Divine Intervention.

A sphere where the life-path is perceived as "simultaneous", all at once. This sphere lies further ahead in the Universal development plan, which every soul partakes in. It is the dimension of ‘The Helper’, the Holy Spirit, sharing the being’s life-path.

The Universal God’s highest manifestation in physical, psychic, and non-worldly matter. A non-personal, always-attending, eternal complement to the multitude of beings.



Kindly consider

Be careful! The voice of God should be discreet, humble, and generous. If the voice is strong, critical, and demanding, it is likely not God. Demonic powers are eager to present themselves as God and the Angels, but this only serves to deceive. Bad trees bear foul fruit, but good trees bear favorable fruit!

With Prosperity and Success!

Translated from Swedish to English - 2022-05-20


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