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Even though there are hundreds of versions, people tend to use the phrase 'meditation' as one unified expression, meaning; 'to go within'. But although the versions address various concepts, one major side of meditation is hardly known today; Goal-oriented meditation!


The common view on Meditation

There is a strong and very one-sided emphasis on ‘meditation’ as a means of calming the mind and body, regaining energy and/or achieving enlightenment. There are even several Yoga-styles, used to train and evolve the body or mind, or both. Taking part in exercises like this may seem quite adequate in achieving any goal the student might have in exploring of any type of physical or spiritual dimensions. Often enough, the endeavor is guided by a ‘Guru’ (a teacher), presumably helping the student taking the easiest way forward.

The meditation trap

However, students in Yoga and Meditation all to often get ‘entangled’ in the intricate web of the numerous, complicated (and costly) techniques. Calming exercises is on thing. But when it comes to developing and using the mind creatively, you really only need two basic strategies. One serves to still the left hemisphere of the brain, the other to activate the right hemisphere in order to intuitively ‘tap in’ on the infinite Universe.

Questions and answers

The Universe is a conscious entity. When we need guidance (which we often do), we only have to formulate a question in our (tranquil) mind. The instance that delivers the answer is primarily the right hemisphere, i.e. our Conscience. This independent soul capacity is in contact with all of creation and will easily present you with an answer to your question. The clearer the question, the more specific the answer. To keep in mind; the answer presented to you is not always ‘correct’. The right hemisphere in fact only delivers different possible solutions. It is then up to the left hemisphere of making a reasonable assessment; a plausibility analysis.

The language of the Conscience

The left hemisphere primarily speaks in ‘images’ and symbols, rarely with words. Quite obviously, the communication done mainly takes place in the form of dreams, signs and symbols. The meditating student has to be aware of this actuality and be prepared to make an accurate interpretation of the image presented. Some people have an intuitive understanding on the significance of dreams and symbols. However, there are numerous books on the subject if needed. Individuals who have taken the ‘jab’ may be unable to receive any such signs whatsoever. In these cases, the subject will have to undertake a thorough cleansing procedure.

A suggested procedure (in Goal-oriented meditation)

1. Attempt to quiet down the Ego (the talking mind) by simply observing thoughts that emerge. You may start with closing your eyes and counting down from ten to one. It is vital that you do not reflect or have feelings on any manifested thought. Just take notice on their appearance and let them quietly fade away. After a few minutes the Ego will ‘grew tired’ and stop producing thoughts. This is when you have reached the ‘Alpha state’ of the mind. When you know this procedure by heart, intuitive questions may be asked.

2. When attempting to present intuitive questions to the Conscience, always start with the Alpha state. If you are familiar with the basic meditation technique, the Alpha state of the mind could be reached within a few seconds. Now you are ready to formulate a question of your choice or interest. Try narrowing down the topic as much as you can and make the question as clear as possible. It is preferred that you envision the topic as an image or a movie, but using words might work as well. A possible answer will come to you within a few minutes, hours or days. It may emerge in a dream, in the paper, in a movie or from another human being.


The Goal-oriented meditation technique is a veritable gold mine if used correctly. Keeping a well established balance between the Ego and the Conscience is key. When these hemispheres of the brain work in a healthy collaboration, there is nothing that isn’t possible to achieve or accomplish.




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