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Crossing points

As I have explained, Nibiru does not follow the usual path for ecliptic orbits. Nibiru moves in very close to the sun, more precisely at the orbit of planet Jupiter. On the way back from the path above the Ecliptic, one might expect the star to exit the Solar system at the same Jupiter orbit. This is not the case with Nibiru, the star curves itself in a very sharp turn around the sun, then exits the Solar system at the orbit of - Earth!

Nibiru in fact has two different passing points in our Solar system. At the Jupiter position, many great things have happened in history. This is the place where our present sun, Astarte, sprung from the older sun; Barbaru, transforming Barbaru to a pre-Jupiter gas giant. Later in history, planet Saturn and Venus were born in the same manner, reducing the size of Jupiter to its present state. The Solar system was never a dull place.

The Earth orbit represent the place for mankind's evolution. As strange as it may sound, planets found in this place are inter-changeable. It was always Nibiru who carefully placed out different planets here, depending on the times, the Age involved. First in this place was the planet 'Ymir' (the frost giant), a large planet which later was divided, creating Earth and planet Anu. In the second age, planet Anu was appointed "earth-planet", later it joined with star Nibiru. Now, in the third age, we have planet Earth in charge.


The number of the beast

The research of Burak Eldem cannot be ignored; he claims the orbit of Nibiru should be interpreted as a Sumerian sexagesimal number. Thus, we should read the orbital timeframe of 3600 years according to a “60 based” system. We then get; 60º (1) + 60¹ (60) + 60² (3600) which adds up to 3661 years! Three glyphs in cuneiform writing resemble “the number of the beast” (666) that describes the period of Nibiru's revolution.

There is really no need to distinguish between "long years" (365 days) and "short years" (360 days) in the aspect of the 3661 year period; it is a solar year any way you see it. And the 3661 number is a measure of Earth years, based on our planets orbit around the sun. However, the length of the year has many other implications to the daily life; no wonder there are various solar calendars in stone erected all over the globe.

The Oort Cloud of Nibiru

There is a difference between the magnetic effect and the
gravitational effect of Nibiru, the magnetic effect is what causes the Pole shift. When considering the effects of gravitation, we must also address the solar wind of charged protons that both Nibiru and the Sun emanate. In the balance point between the outward directed solar wind and the gravitational force directed inwards, there is a field of dust, stones and asteroids referred to as the
“Oort cloud”. The Sun has this hazardous field, but the same characteristics can surely be applied to Nibiru.

Click for larger image


It is my estimation that the Oort cloud of Nibiru precedes the arrival of the star itself with 63 years, I will soon elaborate on this. The conclusion is that the entire tribulations of the passage lasts close to 130 years, as it is the time span of Nibiru Oort cloud from one edge to the other. As the Oort cloud of the star Nibiru reaches Earth it will trigger an enormous earthquake. During that time, Earth will also be hit by a number of rocks, ranging from dust particles up to, in the worst case, large asteroids. This great earthquake will have severe consequences to the cities of Earth, there will be major damages to infrastructures. But this is not a doomsday sort of event, which is important to note. The following Pole shift, on the contrary, will at times re-write the map of planet Earth; there will be quakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and possibly a severe deluge.


Establishing timeframes

Is it possible to pinpoint past passages and predicting the ones who are to come? I believe so, but the difficulties have been tremendous. According to history scholars there was a devastating earthquake in the years of King Uzziah of Judah. So severe was the earthquake that it made a profound impression on prophets such as; Amos 1:2, Zechariah 14:5 and Isaiah 24:19. The year of the great earthquake (750 BC) was a precursor that the sun Nibiru once again was about to leave the northern skies and move in below the ecliptic. Shortly after that time, the calendars all over the globe was changed to a 365-day year, from previously 360 days.

Initially, I attempted to establish the incoming and outgoing passage of Nibiru based on Pole Shift years. This, however, proved to be extremely difficult since there was no way to determine a specific year when Joshua in the Old Testament (Joshua 10:12) states: “Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.” This episode is clear evidence that a Pole Shift really occurred but the year it happened remains hidden. Until when? Time after time I've had to recalculate the timeframe, however, the correct analysis always seems to elude me. However, there is now at least some evidence that the shift to Aries actually took place at 1580 BC.

The passage after the 750 BC quake I now believe occurred around the year 687 BC. We are told from Chinese records, that "stars fell like rain" in this time, maybe an indication of a major cosmic event. In the year 702 BC, 15 years earlier, we are told in 2 Kings 20:11, that Hezekiah received a sign from God: “And Isaiah the prophet cried unto the LORD: and he brought the shadow ten degrees backward, by which it had gone down in the dial of Ahaz.” In that time there was a disturbance of the Earth axis and rotation, even if it wasn’t as severe as in the days of Joshua. Nibiru magnetic influence halted and reversed the Earth rotation for a brief time. There seem to be some evidence that this event really occurred around that year. The year 702 BC in fact represent a 'reduced Pole shift' and the beginning of the Age of Pisces!

The grand earthquake (the Oort Cloud passing) are believed to come first, the Pole shift follows, later the actual passage of the star. Just after the time of the 750 BC earthquake, the Babylonian calendar was changed from 360 to a 365-day year. The period is also said to represent the beginning of the 7th Baktun of the Mayas. Other sources suggest the city of Rome was founded around this time and that it was the beginning of the Olympiads in Greece of 2x4 years. How long time lasts between the initial earthquake and the following Pole shift? Around 702 BC Earth experienced a minor Pole Shift (the rotational and magnetic properties of Earth and Nibiru were still in harmony with each other). At the passage of 687 BC, several thousands of King Sennacherib's massive army died, not from "natural causes" but rather by 'God's intervention'. A large cloud of Carbon dioxide, related to Nibiru, might have gathered in a local valley, causing suffocation among the soldiers, camping outside of the city of Jerusalem.


The approach of Nibiru from below the ecliptic is connected to a similar earthquake. An event like this is believed to have triggered the devastating explosion of the Thera volcano at Santorini, around 1628 B.C. This cataclysm is based on radiocarbon dating and Tree-ring data and thus the margin of error is quite substancial. Unfortunately, there is no written evidence of the event. Only an indication of upheaval connected to the ending of an Egyptian era and the invasion of the Hyksos at this time, solely circumstancial information. Correlation or not, but planet Venus made a Solar Transit close to this year. According to scholar Burak Eldem, the planet Earth also had an extremely severe period around this time. It was the beginning of several years of tribulation and upheavals, undoubtedly connected to Moses and the Exodus. There was a strong earthquake, a “pillar of fire” in the sky, it rained “blood”, an impenetrable darkness appeared, the seas roared, and huge waves engulfed the shorelines.


To make a conclusion; three major events are connected to the approach of Nibiru. We have a great earthquake and an accompanying calendar change. The rotational stoppage and a variable Pole Shift follow. Finally, the actual Passover (Transit) of Nibiru, when the heavenly bodies scorch each other with tremendous thunderbolt discharges. The time difference between the Earthquake and the Pole Shift is approximately 48 years. From the Pole Shift to the Passover of Nibiru, we count 15 years. If we take the entire approach into account, from earthquake to Passover, we get 48 + 15 years, resulting in a total period of 63 years. This timeframe gives clues as to when the "Long Day of Joshua" might have taken place. We simply add 48 years to 1628 BC, ending up at 1580 BC!

The return

Let’s recapitulate the orbit of Nibiru, shown in a simplified way in the image to the right. The motion
and path of Nibiru resemble the figure eight. During
2783 years the dark star moves along an orbit below the ecliptic, then it rises above the ecliptic, following
a smaller orbit for a period of 878 years.

Then after descending below the ecliptic again, the star crosses its own path. Maybe this is why Nibiru attained the Sumerian name; "Planet of the Crossing" (or more correctly; 'Heavenly star of the Crossing').

And as a side note; Jesus Christ might be seen as the human embodiment of the star Nibiru (and of Anu the planet). Does the crucifixion stand in compliance with the hazardous crossing of a path filled with large asteroids, stones and gravel? An interesting thought!

Is the sun already being influenced by dust and debris associated with the Nibiru complex? There are some strong indications pointing in that direction. The sun seems to be reacting to a cloud of 'red iron oxide' emanating from the solar wind of Nibiru. As a result, the sun gets less active, and the weather on our planet is immediately affected. Is a deployed 'Sun Simulator' compensating for this factor? At the same time, infrared waves from Nibiru makes the climate warmer. The glaciers begin to melt, and the storms charges up to levels no living man have seen. The rain increases in some areas and there is drought in other places, the balance of nature is severely disturbed.

What is to be expected during the upcoming passage? Nibiru has most likely performed its customary tilting at the Aphelion point and moved back towards the solar system. It’s approaching us again, magnetic fields reversed; we might be in for a rough time. Is it within the human capacity to calculate the arrival of the dark star? Does it not say in Matthew 24:36 that; “of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” The exact day and hour are certainly not predictable, establishing the year might be, I have certainly tried.

The +1 factor

When calculating time frames, from past to present or from present to past, one must take into account the fact that there is no year Zero. When adding certain number of years from somewhere in time before the birth of Christ to our present age, you should also add +1 year to compensate for the non-existing year Zero. Thus, when adding 2783 years from 750 BC and compensating with an extra year, you end up at the year 2034 as the arrival date of the Oort Cloud of Nibiru. This is my working hypothesis for now, we will see if I get it right eventually. Trying to pinpoint certain key events around 700 BC has been a total nightmare, but I would really like to crack the hidden code!

The Mayan evolution

The Mayan cycles, represented by the pyramid steps, is accomplished in less time by every step. The higher up the human evolution, we have lesser and lesser time to reach our goals. This "speeding of time" is, from what I perceive, an effect of the influence of Nibiru gravitational field. Nibiru has a considerable stronger gravitational field than our sun. Gravitation affects time, and since Nibiru is getting closer to us, we believe that evolution is getting faster. No, evolution is constant, we have just entered a field where we, unconsciously, act slower.

The dreaded Pole Shift is NOT expected to happen until sometime around 2082. But the times leading up to that year can be troublesome enough. Still, there is no need to despair, anyone with a flexible mind and with a relaxed view of life will manage and not only survive but have a good life. Don't focus that much on stocking up food piles, you will only attract thieves. Stock up on resourcefulness; then you will overcome the situation.

A Conscious Universe

When observing and studying celestial events one may easily assume it to be “blind forces at play”. However, there are many people who equate Nibiru with the celestial manifestation of Christ. Even if this object causes severe chaos on Earth at times we must rely on his good judgement; there is a cause for everything. It is not beneficial to blame Nibiru or to take action against it. There are other, not so benign, actors at work who doesn’t have a kind eye to humankind. Let’s all be humble and abide in faith, the Lord stands by our side. "I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty."

For the full esoteric background of the star Nibiru, also read: The Star Epos

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