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Patching up the loopholes

Nibiru sightings and anomalies seems to be receding in frequency. This is, I believe, more a sign of governments of the World cultivating their hiding techniques, rather than things really calming down. We have entered a ‘Calm before the Storm’ so to speak. Because the entourage of stars, planets and asteroids are out there, getting bigger and more luminous than ever. It’s only that we seldom get to see what’s happening anymore. Advanced sky filtering techniques are being deployed in space, chemtrails are more numerous than ever and ‘intelligent clouds’ cover the sky, always exactly where anomalous objects are expected to be seen at times. Web cameras are constantly updated and replaced, and if there is a shortage of time (to hide things), they simply shut down. Web cameras are now also equipped with advanced algorithms which will change round objects to blurry and distort bright colors to mimic cloud patterns, all to minimize the risk of the audience recognizing alien Suns, planets and comets in our skies. The, so called, News agencies engages in baloney news and deliberately create misdirection events, to keep the public constantly looking in the wrong direction. Consequently, people in general have no clue what is really going on.

Comet hazards

Evidently, the Nibiru planetary system is so close now, we regularly have individual planets grazing inside our Solar system. Planetary and moon sized objects all act as Comets when travelling in irregular paths. These Comets remain at some distance but will, in different ways, have influence on Earth none the less. The dangers of Comets have been heavily downgraded, as not to cause alarm. It is known though, even from ancient times, that Comets will affect Weather, Earth quakes, Volcanoes, Oceans and Electromagnetic conditions. It is not safe travelling anymore. Areas along the ‘Ring of fire’ are of course extra hazardous but there will be no safe havens. In recent months, Comet passing’s have likely caused erratic weather with plasma discharges at places. Houses, carrying electric equipment, have attracted the plasma and burnt to the ground, often leaving the surrounding vegetation intact. Structures like bridges have also been exposed to the plasma and ended up obliterated. Airplanes have frequently been “delayed”, officially due to airport strikes, when the real reason was Comets crossing the flight path. On more than one occasion, planes have been compelled to perform force-landings due to electronic equipment instantly failing on account of Comet interactions.

Re-evaluating the orbital period of Nibiru

The arrival of the Oort cloud of Nibiru are due any time now. We are currently in January 2019 so the estimation of the Nibiru orbit, below and over the Ecliptic, must be adjusted slightly. The year the Oort cloud of Nibiru went by the last time stands as having occurred in 750 BC, this parameter remains. Presupposing the total orbit of Nibiru to be 3661 years, the current estimation of the two orbits below and over the Ecliptic will come out as: 2768 years below the Ecliptic, 893 years above. This will move the Oort cloud passing to sometime during 2019 and the arrival of the Pole Shift to the year 2068. The Bronze Age Earthquake consequently must be corrected to 1643 BC. This is of course an extremely uncertain estimation of orbits, I will persist in doing it anyway. Sooner or later some hard evidence will come forth, allowing us to permanently establish the two orbits of Nibiru. In the meantime, these vague predictions will continue. But pinpointing the correct orbits of the Nibiru star is of the outermost importance for our species. Without them, we are doomed to constantly repeat the cycle of destruction and rebuilding; never getting us out of the dark ages, the Kali Yuga Eon. But with proper preparation tools, humankind will certainly flourish.


Image above: Showing the current estimation of key dates in the Nibiru orbital period. The number one figure stands for the arrival of the Nibiru Oort Cloud. Figure two represents the Pole Shift to follow and figure three shows the "Transit", which is the actual passover of Nibiru through the Solar system. Due to inconclusive data, the estimation is highly speculative.



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